CDM consult with councillors on Draft IDP/Budget

Capricorn District Municipality continues with the consultation process on the 2020/2021 Draft IDP/Budget. In terms of the Reviewed Integrated Development Plan (IDP) process plan, the municipality has to consult with both internal and external stakeholders on the Draft IDP before it gets adopted.

The municipality consulted with the councillors as internal stakeholder on 11 March 2020 at CDM Council Chamber, 10h00. The consultation session was aimed at soliciting inputs and comments from councillors prior to the commence of the IDP Consultation sessions with external stakeholders.

The council adopted the reviewed IDP Process Plan during a council meeting held on 30 January in 2020 which aligned the plan to the district development model. The model is meant to enhance alignment initiatives with a clear focus of implementing one plan in each district across all spheres of government. And development being pursued through a single integrated plan per district that will outline the role of each sphere of government as well as the role of the communities and civil society sectors in each district

The councillors were taken through a comprehensive presentation of the IDP in order for the councillors to get clarity and make inputs moreover, to ensure councillors take ownership of the plan by the time it gets adopted.   

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