Strategic Executive Management Services




The department has the strategic objectives to engage in programmes that foster participation, interaction and partnership, build accountable and transparent governance structures responsive to the needs of the community, provide strategic and administrative support to Council structures, promote the needs and interests of special focus groupings, provide communication support services, public liaison, marketing, advocacy and events management activities within the district, protect the municipality from potential risk, ensure reduction of  fraud and corruption within the municipality, protect the municipal properties and employees against potential threats provide independent objective assurance and consulting activities of the internal control systems, risk management and governance processes.



Other objectives are to ensure that issues raised by Auditor General are adequately addressed, strengthen accountability through proactive oversight and ensure effective and functional Internal Audit at the local municipalities, manage and coordinate the implementation of performance management systems (PMS) in the district, ensure compliance with the  Performance Management System policy framework and Municipal Systems Act  (MSA), ensure effective and efficient service delivery by putting people first, fully institutionalize performance monitoring and evaluation in the district, and ensure that organizational policies are aligned and compliant to district policy framework, National and Provincial legislation.


Integrated Development Planning (IDP) priority areas are mayoral support services, council and administrative support, public participation programmes, special focus, communication management, risk management, internal audit, intergovernmental relations and organisational performance management.


The department is constituted by the following sections:

·         Executive  Mayor’s Office

·         Office of the Chief Whip

·         Office of the Speaker

·         Special Focus

·         Communications

·         Risk Management

·         Internal Audit

·         Inter-Governmental Relations

·         Strategy Management and Institutional Development











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