The Capricorn District  Municipality’s Municipal Manager is responsible for ensuring the municipality delivers services to the local community in a sustainable and efficient manner. As the Accounting Officer of the municipality, the Municipal Manager is responsible for planning and implementation of an economical, efficient and accountable administration of Capricorn District  Municipality.

The roles of the municipal manager as outlined in Municipal System Act 32 of 2000 involve implementation of the Integrated Development Plan and monitoring progress thereof, facilitate public participation in the affairs of the municipality, performance of delegated functions, ensuring the municipality’s administration is aligned with the political priorities and the national key performance areas.

Capricorn District  Municipality’s Municipal Manager is also responsible for performance management of the municipality as well as development and implementation of strategies and policies in line national and provincial legislation.

The municipal manager’s key performance areas are informed by the local government development objectives, national key performance areas and the municipal key performance priorities and objectives identified during the strategic planning session held in 2013.

The six directorates directly accountable to the municipal manager are:

  1. Infrastructures Services
  2. Community Services 
  3. Corporate Services  
  4. Development Planning and Environmental Manageent Services (DPEMS)
  5. Strategic Executive Management Services
  6. Finance

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