Investment Booklet

Capricorn District Municipality (CDM) in Limpopo Province of South Africa has conducted an
extensive research program with our private commercial, mining, construction, agricultural
business sectors and have prepared a series of detailed project feasibility studies in order to
compile a portfolio of pre-qualified and verified viable Trade & Investment Opportunities to bring
to you.

We have been encouraged by the fruits of our labour as a wealth of new business opportunities
ranging from several giga and mega projects and nearly two hundred SMMEs have been
identified and are recorded in our portfolio.

As a result we are now pro-actively engaged in unlocking this immense value that Capricorn
holds by actively seeking trade and investment partners. To facilitate this a comprehensive
system of business support services covering every aspect of your research, feasibility study,
business plan preparation, motivation to your board-of-directors and shareholders, business
licences, setting up of your business, finding partners, investment incentives, project finance and
operating capital even finding appropriate housing for your family and schooling for your children
have been put in place. In return we need access to new partnerships, modern technologies,
state-of-the-art processes and methodologies and access to new international markets. If you
can provide one of these you are welcome to join us in Capricorn and make your fortune.