Mayors of our Local Municipalities

Capricorn District Municipality is a Category B municipality established in 2000 from the then Northern District Council. The district municipality was made up of five local municipalities namely, Aganang, Blouberg, Lepelle-Nkumpi, Molemole and Polokwane. Aganang municipality has now been dis-established with part of it incorporated into the three local municipalities namely, Polokwane, Blouberg and Molemole. Each local municipality has its own leadership led by the Mayor and Executive Mayor.





Mayor of Blouberg Local Municipality

Cllr Maria Thamaga

Tel: 015 505 7100


Mayor of Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality  

Cllr Molala Meriam  

Tel: 015 633 4500                                                                                


Mayor of Molemole Local Municipality

Cllr Edward Paya

Tel: 015 501 0423


Executive Mayor of Polokwane Local Municipality

Cllr John Mpe

Tel: 015 023 5000





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