New Executive Mayor seeks developmental growth path

He has every intention to serve the people of Capricorn guided by the vision of the ANC, to create a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa, free of the ills of the injustices of the past.

This was stated by the newly elected executive mayor of Capricorn district council, cllr Gilbert Kganyago in his acceptance speech after he was elected as such at a special council meeting on Thursday

“I want to give the people of Capricorn the assurance that we will not let up in our efforts to help create a better district through the building of better communities. None of us in this council underestimates the enormous developmental challenges facing this district – challenges that hinder good governance and service delivery. I want to give you the assurance that we are well aware of the issues that need to be addressed,” stressed Kganyago.

 He said they will continue with the process to refurbish and replace the districts infrastructure network and ensure that all residents have access to quality water, reliable electricity and decent sanitation.

“In this regard the immediate issue is to provide support to our five local municipalities to address the billing systems. We will redouble our efforts to improve the quality of interaction with our residents and clients. We will do so in the spirit of Batho Pele and both management and staff will be aware of the fact that they will be held accountable for the quality of their service delivery,” said the executive mayor.

 According to him all of this will be done within the context of fiscal responsibility and according to the high standards of prudent financial management they have set themselves. He said they are now poised to move the district on to a new developmental growth path.

 “We have a firm and unambiguous mandate from the people of Capricorn district to proceed on the road of growth and development. You should expect this council and administration to focus very strongly and introduce measures and programmes to address issues of social exclusion and underdevelopment.

“Thus we continue to pay special attention to programmes that alleviate endemic poverty and unemployment. While we will continue building on the legacy of success of the past decade it is equally true that a changing environment requires a fresh look at the interventions we are implementing,” said Kganyago.

 He said they intend to build a district that can find solutions to enable the pro-active absorption of the poor, as it will remain a magnet for the poor seeking a better life; a district that can ensure balanced and shared growth and break down the divide between the first and second economies; a district that recognises that it cannot deal with the challenges it faces alone and it needs to find new ways of working across the traditional public-private divide and across boundaries that separate it from its neighbours.

 “This will be an inclusive process in which we intend to involve all communities and stakeholders to enable us to redefine our priorities across the entire spectrum of district activities and programmes,” said Kganyago.

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