Women’s day message from CDM Executive Mayor

CDM joins the country in commemorating #WomensDay, a Day which affords us an opportunity to celebrate the strength, tenacity and spirit of women as nurturers of our society.

This Day also enjoins us to reflect and appreciate the role of women in our society, in our homes and in the workplace, who are carrying the baton of empowerment with pride.

It is however disheartening that we commemorate this special Day at a time when women find themselves as victims of gender based violence. While most women are enjoying the gains of democracy and fruits of freedom, some are sadly in bruises of anguish at the hands of men who are supposed to protect, respect, cherish and love them. Let us therefore draw a strength from each other to isolate and expose abusers and killers who continue to disgrace the sacredness of manhood and therefore defend the goodwill of women as well as their right to equality.

We also salute all women in essential services who are putting shoulder to the wheel during this difficult time and standing firm in the cold struggle against this epidemic to serve us at the greater risk of their families’ lives and themselves. The greatest appreciation and honour we can give these heroins is to continue doing our part to stop the transmission of this virus by taking precautions and following safety protocols.

On behalf of the Capricorn District Municipality, I once again take this opportunity to wish you an empowering Women’s Day.

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