The Global Funding share information on funding

The Global Fund is visiting Limpopo to share with members of the civil society structures about the funding on HIV and AIDS programes and other programes that will be implemented, like sex workers programes, transgender programes and human rights programes. Today they are doing a presentation to CDM’s civil society structures to encourage them to apply for this funding.
The NGOs to receive such funds in Limpopo are Beyond Zero and Aids Foundation of South Africa which will then manage the process of applications, from civil society structures. These are organisations that work with issues of HIV, sex workers and human rights issues. The programe is a three year cycle.
Global Fund for Community Foundations is a grassroots grantmaker working to promote and support institutions working on community development around the world. Through their grants they help NGOs to strengthen and grow so they fullfil their potential as vehicles for community development.
This was attended by representatives from the South African National Aids Council, Limpopo Provincial Aids Council, Department of Health, Department of Social Development, Department of Education, Department of Sports and Civil Society Structures.

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