Door to door held at Maphoso Village

Capricorn District Municipality commemorated the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDR) on 04 October 2022 in Molemole Local Municipality, at Maphosa Village.

Led by MMC for Community Services, Cllr Rahlana, the team conducted door to door visits to the community where they were educating the community about issues of disasters.

The team started with the door-to-door at Maphosa village. They were educating the community about what they should do when there’s a disaster at their households.

Their focus was on fire, flooding, pandemics, etc. They also touched on issues of social illness such as crime, alcohol and drug abuse, gender-based violence and others related.

Daniel Raboshakga who is a Community Coach at Maphosa Village said that if kids were kept busy with sports there can be a huge impact on crime reduction. But their problem is a lack of resources. The team also issued information pamphlets to the community for referrals and safekeeping. The same campaign was also held  on 05 October 2022 at Ga-Mashashane.

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