CDM urges residents to get screened for COVID-19

Capricorn District Municipality urges residents to cooperate with community health workers who, as a significant stride to fight the spread of Covid-19 – are visiting our homes to screen and test everyone for the virus.

“Our message is that whether or not you or anyone in your family is showing symptoms of infection, should be subjected to screening and testing. This fight against a virus that threatens our existence as humankind can only be won with the cooperation by all of us”, says Executive Mayor John Mpe.

The aim of this process is for government to identify potential hotspots of infection and allow contact tracing teams to work quickly and stop the spread. Also, it is only through this screening and testing that health workers can reach people with preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, TB, HIV/Aids, cancer, heart diseases and others.

CDM is a home to 1,2 million people and the exponential growth in the massive new cases reported daily are scary and show that the country is fast heading for a peak this winter and that should get everyone dead worried and therefore work with government to strengthen the effective defence against this virus and flatten the curve.

“There is no danger in getting screened. I therefore pay tribute to our community health workers for leading this colossal struggle. If we continue on this path, I have no doubt that we stand a better chance of succeedimg in building a district that is fully responsive to this pandemic”, Mpe said.

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