CDM rejects DA statement on water at Ga-Kobe

CDM rejects with contempt the statement by the Democratic Alliance (DA) that the people of Ga-Kobe has been without water for over a period of ten years. The statement is untrue and therefore send wrong messages. DA as a party in Council is contradicting itself, in February this year they were part of the project oversight visit to Blackhill Water Scheme that also covers Gakobe and the report that was send to Council never mentioned such claims. This is DA’s figment of deliberate distortion and calculated omissions to mislead the public about governance in the Municipality during this Covid19.

The attached pictures circulating have been taken at Seboriane which is a section under the village of Gakobe in Blouberg. Their cry about shortage of water is known and noted, however, it is not for a period claimed by DA.

This section is supposed to be benefiting from a multimillion water project of Blackhill water scheme which is underway to advantage about 9 villages including Gakobe. The pictures circulating presents a wrong depiction in that the water being drawn is not used for drinking purposes but for irrigation, construction, and livestock consumption. They draw the water from a borrowed pit which was created as a result of road construction passing the area and the community requested that the borrowed pit be left like that for livestock drinking and easy irrigation.

CDM note that there are sections at Gakobe that is not accessing water currently. During this covid19, CDM will prioritize such sections in the community and about 3 big water tanks will be delivered in the area to try and give drinking water to the people in that area. It should also be noted that during this covid19, some leaders will use such pictures to politicise and send wrong messages to people.

The shortage of water at Gakobe is noted and water will be delivered in the area soon. We urge communities to work with councillors so that they get correct information.

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