SALGA hand over water storage tank to the community of Matoana

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has handed over water storage tank to the community of Matoana Village in Ward 7, Ga-Malebogo under Blouberg Municipality. The handing over was done in partnership with SBS Tanks, Capricorn District Municipality and Blouberg Municipality on 30 July 2020.

“As SALGA we don’t only monitor Municipalities but we also play a vital role in service provision. We have partnered with SBS to hand over a water storage tank which will assist the community here and added to the water capacity available within the area to ensure that people are able to access clean portable water in a nearby vicinity”, said Chairperson of SALGA Cllr Pule Shayi.

The tank was installed by SBS Tanks, the project which was led by Mr Gwangwa. Mr Gwangwa, said the community as the direct beneficiaries of the project, need to be cautioned that at times they become impatient and in their fight for service delivery protest turn to destroy the little that is there. “I am saying this humbly requesting that you protect this tanks and other infrastructure provided by government. This are precious resources and we should take the responsibility to protect them this we do in the spirit of Madiba as we celebrate Mandela Month. As a company from KwaZulu-Natal, we do a lot of community work.

The tank is not yet connected to the municipal borehole but the process is underway as there is a water supply project been implemented within the area. On behalf of Blouberg Municipality, Infrastructure Chairperson Cllr Mashabane thanked SBS Tanks, SALGA and CDM for the intervention and hope that more partners will come forward to pledge their support.

“Our call is to serve, when the community raise issues we strive to answer to our call. We need commitment from our community to safeguard the water infrastructure because we are experiencing theft and vandalism of our water infrastructure. We need to take care of this precious resources. The tank has a lifespan of 65 years and it should be well looked after, it will last for ages”, said Cllr Masubelele, MMC for SEMS.

The Ward Councilor Cllr Raseruthe thanked all partners for their contributions and promised they will take care of the infrastructure.

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