Relief for 15 Mphahlele villages as CDM unveils water projects

“YOU have spoken, we heard and you will be given water”, said Executive Mayor John Mpe when giving a response to the Mphahlele residents during #OperationTheeletša held on 20 March 2018 at Maijane Community Hall, Ga-Mphahlele.

Mpe unveiled water projects that will benefit 39 307 Mphahlele residents. These mega projects will end water shortages in Bolatjane, Dithabaneng, Makurung, Phalakwane, Mogodi, Hwelesaneng, Thamagane, Kgapamadi, Seswikaneng, Serobaneng, Mamaolo, Morotse, Marulaneng, Lenting, Tooseng in Lepelle-Nkumpi East.

The total cost of these projects is R299m and are expected to be completed on a multi-phase approach between now and 2021.

In addition, plans are afoot to roll out a groundwater project to benefit communities in Makaung, Madilaneng, GaMazwi, Ramorake, Sefafaolo, Makaepea, Sedimothole, Seleteng Moshate and Mashite. In these areas, boreholes have already been drilled and tested and now engineers are busy with topographical surveys.

These projects will create more than 300 job opportunities for a period of 18 months.

Mpe stated that CDM expects quality workmanship and value for money on all projects. He emphasised that contractors who do not perform according to specifications, timeframes and budget will be penalised.

“When we say a project is complete, contractor must see to it that there is water flowing from the taps and both the ward councillor and the contractor must sign it off to confirm that indeed the project is functional before final payment can be effected”, she said.

These projects are a milestone we are doing to ensure that we increase access to water and improve the lives of the people of Mphahlele, he explained.

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