Seven declarations to live by in CDM

7 Declarations for Management to live by and instill in the municipality

1. We will recognize and reward good performance

 We will clearly define communicate performance objectives and targets

so that everyone understands what is expected of him/her

2. We will not tolerate mediocrity

 Should aspire to excellence and be willing to stretch

3. We will not be close-minded/territorial

 Demonstrate willingness and ability to change our ideas based on new


 Be flexible to adapt to specific situation in order to get the job done

 Enable work across the matrix

4. We will not act unprofessionally (undermining our values)

 Prepare effectively for meetings

 Be punctual for work and professional engagements

 Meet deadlines and make follow ups

 Be sensitive to other people’s work schedules

5. We will not discriminate

 We will act fairly to each other at all levels

 Treat each other with dignity

6. Encourage and support open and effective communication

 We will use appropriate channels and instruments to communicate

 Ensure that accurate information (not gossip/unauthorised information)

communicate timeously and consistently to all staff

 Good speaker and good listener (cannot be talking at the same time)

 Communication does not commence at crisis point

7. We will support teamwork, collaboration and knowledge sharing

 We all have to pull weight to achieve the objective of the district


 We will promote teamwork

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