MPAC doing oversight work at Windhoek

No place is ever far for the dedicated oversight team of Capricorn District Municipality, the Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC). The committee visited Windhoek village to do its oversight work at the Windhoek Water Supply project located in the Blouberg Local Municipality area. The committee wanted to see the overall functioning of the project which they had visited earlier in the year and upon findings of some challenges had to intervene.

The project under Operations and Maintenance unit had challenges of water pumping machine capacity which was shared with the committee by the pump operators and community leaders. The machine was using an 11 kw motto which took 2 days to pump for water to three dams catering for the two villages namely Pappegai and Windhoek.

Following challenges of water supply reported, CDM replaced the 11kw motto with 22kw motto, increasing capacity and turnoround time for the water supply to 16 hours in the area. The area also has a challenge of illegal connections and MPAC chairperson appealed to community leaders to make the community aware of the negative impact illegal connections has on the overall water supply to the areas.

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