EM hold last meet and greet session at CDM water laboratory

The Executive Mayor of CDM Cllr Mamedupi Teffo held the last meet and greet session with staff members at the CDM Water Laboratory at University of Limpopo on 13 October 2021.
Through this staff meeting sessions, the Executive Mayor, as recently elected, wanted to have a broader understanding of the institution and the people she will be working with.
“We appreciate and acknowledge the good work that our officials are doing. As leaders, we are here to take decisions but you, as foot soldiers, you are here to do all the ground work and you continue to do that even under difficult circumstances,” these were words of encouragement from the Executive Mayor to officials at the water lab.
“I’m happy to see the team here that has assured me that the water we drink in this district is of high quality. Water is life and its a basic right. I’m going to prioritize this basic need”, added the Executive Mayor.
Making comments on the visit the water lab manager Neville Nyamutswa said, “When you come here, as the leadership, you boost our moral. We thank you for this great gesture.
When touring the water lab the Executive Mayor was told the laboratory is able to test between 100 and 150 water samples per month from municipal water sources across the district.

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