The Executive Mayor Cllr. Mamedupi Teffo, Members of her Mayoral Committee and MPAC, visited water projects in Lepelle Nkumpi Local Municipality on 10 October 2023. The aim of the visit was to monitor progress on the projects and deal with challenges where there are any. The Executive Mayor has joined the Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC) with the Chairperson Cllr Lisbeth Mothata leading her team.
The water projects visited by the team of councilors and officials were those that have been under construction for some time, and there’s been a delay in completion due to various challenges such as the community stopping the project, and others relating to the land where the project is constructed. Councilors recently took a decision that a site visit should be undertaken to discuss this and find a way forward in this regard.
The projects in question are; Groothoek Regional Scheme Contract A – Lebowakgomo Bulk Water Supply, valued at just over R30m and the expenditure thus far is just over R28m.
Lebowakgomo BWS: Contract B, valued at just over R22m. The amount spent so far is just over R22m.
Lebowakgomo BWS: Contract C, worth just over R35m and amount spent to date is just over R33m.
Lebowakgomo Contract D, to the tune of just over R28m, and amount spent to this date is just over R28m.
Lebowakgomo Contract E, valued at just over R28m, the amount spent to this date is just over R23m.
Mphahlele Water Supply (Bolatjane, Phalakwane, Mogodi, Makurung, and Dithabaneng), valued at just above R30m, and the money spent to date is just over R26m.
Mphahlele Water Supply (Bolatjane, Phalakwane, Mogodi, Makurung, Dithabaneng). The project value is just above R23m and expenditure to date is just over R18m.
After deliberations about all the work done in all projects, the team of councilors tasked the officials working on the projects to work on challenges discussed and provide regular progress on work done.

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