District Batho Pele Day at GaMantlhodi in Blouberg.

Executive Mayor John Mpe delivered a citizens report on service delivery milestones achieved in 2017 at the District Batho Pele Day yesterday at Ga-Mantlhodi in Blouberg. This is a show of commitment to the values and spirit of Batho Pele, we were at GaMantlhodi (Cooperspark) in Blouberg to report back on progress regarding service delivery. Various government departments & other organs of state were there to render service on site that residents would otherwise travel miles to access them.


In partnership with Department of Water and Sanitation, the Executive Mayor gave ten water wheel barrows to the needy elderly people who participated by being asked questions based on the speech that the Executive Mayor presented



Batho Pele is an approach to get public servants committed to serving people and to find ways to improve service delivery. This approach also requires the involvement of the public in holding the Public Service accountable for the quality of service provided.  Batho Pele is also about moving the Public Service from a rules-bound approach that hinders the delivery of services to an approach that encourages innovation and is results driven. In other words instead of looking for reasons why government cannot do something, we have to find better ways to deliver what people need. As CDM we have launched Operations Theeletja last year and this was part of the Theeletja programme we continuing to run.


“Together we have a key role to play in creating an environment for staff to become effective in the way they interact with customers which is you. This requires that we focus on motivating our councillors, CDW, Ward committees, staff, to ensure that we have the right tools to do our work and provide ongoing support. We have brought in services closer to you today” the EM said.


The Batho Pele belief set has been summarised by this slogan: “We belong, we care, we serve.” Batho Pele aims to ensure that all public servants put people first, and adhere to the following overarching framework:


a)     We belong: we are part of the Public Service and should work together and respect each other

b)     We care: caring for the public we serve – our customers who is you

c)     We serve:  all citizens will get good service from public servants.


Batho Pele is based on the following eight principles:

a)     Consultation:  citizens should be consulted about their needs

b)     Standards: all citizens should know what service to expect

c)     Redress: all citizens should be offered an apology and solution when standards are not met

d)     Access: all citizens should have equal access to services

e)     Courtesy: all citizens should be treated courteously

f)       Information: all citizens are entitled to full, accurate information

g)     Openness and transparency: all citizens should know how decisions are made and departments are run

h)     Value for money: all services provided should offer value for money


Re Šoma le Setšhaba!.

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