Delegation of Officials visit Waterberg District Muncipality

Delegation of Officials led by the Acting Executive Manager Mme Ellen Mashakoe embarked on a benchmarking program at Waterberg District Municipality (WDM). The visit took place on 15 April 2021.

The aim of the visit was to go an understand how the District Development Model (DDM) is being implemented by WDM. The DDM was launched and piloted to WDM by the President in 2019 and WDM was able to coordinate all relevant stakeholders not only from government but also from private sector who showed interest in being part of this Model.

CDM also launched the DDM in 2019 and have since packed the district profile and reports that were send to Office of the Premier as part of reporting processes.

The District Development Model aims to improve the coherence and impact of government service delivery with focus on Districts and Metros around the country as development spaces that can be used as centres of service delivery and economic development, including job creation.

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