As part of the IDP annual planning cycle, municipalities are supposed to be coordinating strategic planning sessions to plan for the next financial year.
CDM is currently in a Management Strategic Planning Session at Zebula which is also attended by the Executive Mayor, Cllrs Mamedupi Teffo, Members of the Mayoral Committee, municipalities, and sector departments. This is a two day session to be held on 27 and 28 February 2023.
In her opening speech, she reminded management that the gathering is to reflect on the achievements of the previous financial year and turn the challenges we experienced into lessons and achievable plans that will take this district forward.
“Let us reflect on the resolutions taken in 2022 around ensuring that our people get clean portable water, that projects are completed on time, that vacancies are filled, and that we respond positively to challenges on the ground and make sure our communities play a role in the implementation of water projects. They should take ownership” Executive Mayor said.
She emphasized that the word “IMPLEMENTATION” should be a keyword for the coming financial year.
“Let us take services to our people,” Cllr Mamedupi Teffo said.
Municipalities and sector departments will also be sharing their plans.

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