CDM is part of the launch of Rural sport development

CDM is part of the launch of Rural sport development happening at Peter Mokaba stadium today. Gathering in this manner today bears testimony to the uniting force that sport is. We learn a lot of humility, tolerance and respect from sportsmen and women. When playing all different kind of sporting codes, players are interested only in tackling the opponent and not the colour, ethnicity or country of origin of the opponent. these are some of the words that our Executive Mayor Cllr J Mpe uttered as he welcome all participants.

This launch of Rural Sport Development Programme from the department’s National Sport and Recreation Plan seeks to highlight the need to develop and invest in previously disadvantaged communities. CDM understand transformation as a bottom up approach which means we must invest in the development and talent in township and rural communities. By doing this we amplify work already done by rural communities because they are actively involved in playing sport already. Ours is to equip these young people with sport facilities so they are not disadvantaged because of the communities they are born in.

It is in sports that people from diverse backgrounds in ethnicity, religion, and language sit next to each other, like brother and sister, to share great sporting moments. Sport Rural Development is one such important cornerstone of the social programmes that we must pursue to bring about social cohesion and livelihood opportunities to communities that we serve, especially those that are still underdeveloped.

As CDM, we are continually developing rural sport. We have just completed the finals of the under 19 soccer tournament which have seen Baroka Team taking the first place last month. In February we had rural netball tournament taking place in our district, from our four municipalities which is Blouberg, Molemole, Lepelle-Nkumpi and Polokwane we have such different sporting codes competing also. Now that we are bit confident of our basic service delivery abilities, we are turning our attention to developing rural sport as one of those passions of ours that is receiving our full attention. Our passion is to make it a sport with a mass appeal

Schools should also serve as breeding grounds for future professional players and our focus should first be directed to schools that will be lead to rural communities participating through schools programmes. The chances of succeeding in winning this mission depend on the distance we keep from each other as stakeholders interested in seeing rural sport soar to higher heights.

As Capricorn District Municipality, we value this rural sport development launch for various reasons. As you are aware, one of our priorities is to improve the health profile of our district.

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