Capricorn District Command Council (DCC) warns of rapid surge in Covid-19 cases, urges residents to stay safe

Capricorn District Command Council (DCC) warns residents of the rapid rise in new Covid-19 cases within the district and urges residents to cooperate with government by observing all the COVID 19 protocols, guidelines and regulations to protect themselves against the virus. This was said during the DCC meeting held on 01 July 2020.

“The daily rapid increase in the number of cases confirms that we are indeed on the eve of peak that we were cautioned about, to prepare for these winter months and the fight against the virus can only be won with the cooperation by all of us”, says DCC Chairperson, Executive Mayor John Mpe.

The rise in new massive cases could be ascribed to unnecessary movement of people since the risk-adjusted easing of lockdown to level 3 and the DCC has expressed concern that if residents continue to drop their guard and fail to take precautions, family members aged over 50 years and those with comorbidities or pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, TB, cancer and heart diseases and others, may unfortunately be the greatest casualties of this virus.

“No one should be losing their loved ones to this preventable virus but the rapid growth in infections shows that people have stopped taking precautions. Be warned of the possibility that as infections continue rise, so will the death cases – deaths that could be prevented”, DCC emphasized. “Let us therefore protect our parents, grandparents and other vulnerable people by urging them to stay home, and if possible avoid travelling by public transport, isolate themselves from gatherings and avoid visitors in our homes this winter”, he adds.

All are also reminded to avoid gatherings, especially with friends; maintain a safe distance, wear a mask at all times, wash hands and sanitize regularly.

“This is like war never fought before and with your cooperation, we can successfully protect ourselves, families and emerge out of this epidemic alive and well”, Mpe said.

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