CDM hosts Job Summit

CDM gathered at the Ranch today joining heads, to tackle the questions of jobs and come up with solutions to unemployment.

It is CDM’s belief that everyone gathered at the Ranch is mindful of the demand for jobs by millions of our people whose plight and hopes are set on this Summit for a change in their circumstances.

The feeling of being unemployed cannot be over-emphasised. Unemployment causes depression, definite impatience, distress and despair. This therefore threatens stability that is inherent in democracy and freedom.

As CDM, we need to give young people hope, a hope to have income and sustain their lives and their families, so that they too can have a true reason to celebrate freedom.

CDM is appropriately responding to central question in the mind of the people as to what are we doing as Council in our district to lift from our shoulders, the intolerable burden of unemployment, poverty and inequalities.

As Capricorn District Municipality, we convened this Summit with a belief that it will enlighten job-seekers with ideas and efficient solutions to the jobs crisis although most unemployed young people are either less-skilled, inexperienced, unemployable or without formal further or tertiary education.

This is because better quality schooling makes it easier for young people to access the labour market. But it also enables workers to improve their productivity, to learn faster on the job and to raise their incomes and standards of living.

Our 2030 Growth and Development Strategy has packaged a myriad of solutions to create unemployment and reduce poverty. This is because 41% of our people live in poverty while 37% of them are jobless. We envisage to reduce poverty levels to 40% in 2015 and 20% in the year 2030. CDM also have a vision to reduce unemployment to 35% in 2015 and 18% in 2030.

Jobs for young people remain a big headache for all of us but there are positive signs on the horizon. “We are giving hope to those who are teetering on the brink of hopelessness. Let us give them hope to find the skills they need while at the same time those who are unemployed will find the jobs that they deserve” the Acting Executive Mayor, Cllr Seakamela said during the Summit.

In attendance there was the University of Limpopo, Capricorn FET, NAFCOC, LEDET and other key business institutions. Young people came in numbers to support this initiative.

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