The District Command Council (DCC) condemns surge in violence against women, children

Capricorn District Municipality’s stance against Gender Based Violence is unwavering. The COVID-19 pandemic is a disaster that has severely disrupted the normal functioning of populations around the world and continues to proliferate indiscriminately.

Disease outbreaks like COVID-19 threaten the health of all, but women and girls are disproportionately affected. During epidemics, the very measures taken to protect populations and keep health systems afloat are to be complemented by safe households or else women and girls are left vulnerable to violence.

The lockdown environment has forced in a state where mankind is to spend more time at home. Even alcohol consumption is now prohibited beyond Thursday 5 pm, whilst the emphasis is also on consumption of such within one’s home. Such prohibitions are only meant to curb the easy spread of COVID 19 and therefore should not open door to instability and violence into households.

The District Command Council, like all South Africans, is gravely disturbed by the rise in cases of violence against women and children.

At a time when we have committed our strength to fight the invisible enemy that the coronavirus is, we are now also required to split our might to fight against visible enemies of humanity who live, walk and work side by side with us yet undermine what we stand for as a District that is safe, peaceful and liveable by abusing and killing women and children. These enemies have no place in our District and must be told so, exposed and isolated.

The society we live in today requires men to reject deep-seated needless patriarchy, skewed cultural practices and gender stereotypes and rather use their inherent strength to fight gender based violence and protect women and children.

Let us also pledge to work together and ensure that in our district, there are no more victims of GBV and that none of the victims ever struggle alone without ever getting justice. As the community of Capricorn District let us join hands to condemn in strongest terms and support law enforcement in uprooting all elements of GBV in our society.

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