Executive Mayor address District Planning Forum

The Executive Mayor addressed the gathering of the analysis phase of our District Planning Forum, which CDM believed represented its commitment and position to remain a ‘planning theatre’.

He mentioned that as we continue to make sure that our IDP priorities as well as the object and spirit of our District Growth and Development Strategy are entirely aligned and consistent with the stated objectives of the Limpopo Development Plan, our planning framework therefore remains guided and driven by people-centered development in an integrated, holistic, sustainable and participatory manner.

“Through the Forum, our district has entered a road of faster economic growth, job creation, faster and more efficient provision of quality services and increased social cohesion. At the heart of this session’s scope is the promotion of the role of the District and local municipalities as implementing agents of national and provincial developmental objectives. Not only will this platform inform our 2030 Vision but will also be part of the continuous provincial-municipal planning cycle that is synchronized with the annual budget phase”.

“This kind of the meeting is done to renew a trajectory to continue contributing positively to the provincial targets of economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation. This we do to achieve the collective goal of improving the quality of life for all our citizens with the context of achieving our national developmental goals”, emphasised Executive Mayor.

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