EM opens his home borehole for community use

The Executive Mayor of Capricorn District Municipality Cllr John Mpe has opened his home borehole for community use at his home in Mamatsha Village at Ga-Molepo. The Executive Mayor having realized the water shortage being experienced nowadays in the area, has decided to share with the community the water in order to augment the water supply in the village while the municipality is busy dealing with the challenge in the area.

The ward councillor Charles Molepo indicated that the water shortage in the area was due to the low levels at Molepo Dam. “The severe shortage of water in the village has never been experienced before”, said Molepo. “The dropping levels of Molepo Dam has negatively affected the water supply in the area. We thank the Executive Mayor for opening access of water in his home to our community”, said Molepo.

“This water supply is only for personal use, no vehicle is allowed to collect water from the pump. We don’t want a situation wherein people collect water then later sell to others. As such it is only for home usage not for business purpose. It is our responsibility as government to lend a helping hand where we can. This is going to relief off our community the hassle of getting water from far. I’m happy I could contribute something to the community that raised me”, said the Executive Mayor.

He added that whiles the municipality is still busy looking at ways to address the challenge, he decided to use his personal borehole which has been drilled at his home, to supplement the supply of water in the village.

The chairperson of Are Ipopeng Sehlale Civil Association Tjale Molepo thanked the Executive Mayor for thinking of the community where he lives in his effort to deal with water challenges in the area.

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