Congratulations to schools that have done well

Congratulatory messages poured in for the Matric class of 2016, after the Education Department announced on Wednesday and Limpopo province announced on Thursday at Bolivia Lodge that the National Senior Certificate (NSC) class had achieved.

As CDM we might not have done well in terms of the district percentage, however, we have produced best achievers in this district. We would like to congratulate all the learners who have done well. The 2016 pass rate includes progressed learners those who had failed Grade 11 twice and been pushed through to Grade 12.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr J Mpe had this to say to learners, “we say congratulations to those that made it, now it’s time to celebrate a momentous period in your schooling career. Not only do you bid farewell to 12-long and often-times difficult years of learning, you also bid farewell to your respective schools which, most probably, has been more than a place of learning.

You are now bidding farewell to teachers and mentors who have taught you more than just the NCS. You have learnt about life, love, sharing, teamwork and friendships. These values are critical armaments in aiding human endeavour and will certainly carry you through your later life as adults, as mothers and fathers, and as patriotic citizens of our great country”.

He is also thanking teachers for their cooperation, understanding and indulgence. As leaders and as ordinary people, we all learn from criticism, opposing views and dissenting voices.

Congratulations to all learners who have done well. 

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