CDM welcomes AG’s Report that CDM is the best run municipality in Limpopo

Capricorn District Municipality welcomed with pride the Auditor General Kimi Makwetu’s report that acknowledged CDM as the best run municipality in Limpopo with a winning formula to achieving excellence. This was said by Executive Mayor Cllr John Mpe in a statement released on 08 July 2020.

The Executive Mayor alluded to the utterances of the Auditor General Clerence Makwetu, in his AG’s report on 2018/19 local government finance that Capricorn District should inspire confidence in other municipalities to prove that where internal control systems are implemented, key vacancies are filled and there is stability at management level, a clean audit outcome is within reach.

He said there was a big improvement in CDM’s internal controls, thanks to stability in the senior management positions, as well as the involvement of the Executive Mayor in the audit process.

Makwetu’s assessment confirms that CDM is indeed a model for benchmarking for other districts and local municipalities.

Executive Mayor Cllr John Mpe gave credit to all employees  of CDM for living up to the vision of the home of excellence and the mission to deliver services in an efficient manner through competent people. “We hope that the AG’s vote of confidence will go a long way in inspiring other organs of state, especially municipalities to do better and improve governance”, said Mpe.

“We also thank all stakeholders including our community who through public participation, keep us in check to do well in matters of governance and delivery”, emphasised Mpe.

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