CDM warms their hearts with fresh paint of coat, donation

The Capricorn Executive Mayor, Gilbert Kganyago spent his 67 Minutes for Mandela painting Hlatlaganya Drop-in Centre in Makweng on Saturday, He also donated food parcels, school uniforms and mattresses to the Mokgama family in Ga-Thoka.

The mayor was accompanied by Capricorn District Municipality (CDM) and Polokwane Municipality officials, University of Limpopo representatives, members of Makotsi Women’s Club and representatives from Polokwane Chemical Suppliers. Kganyago said Nelson Mandela was an icon who cared and loved children and he would never be forgotten.

“The children need us to be with them. As we celebrate Mandela Day, we regard the painting of the centre walls and the donation to the Mokgama family as our contribution towards the legacy of our great icon Mandela. We encourage everybody to make every day Mandela Day and play a role in helping orphans, children and the elderly.

“We encourage government departments, political parties and business people in surrounding areas to at least work together to improve drop-in centres and créches. Such places need to be paved to keep the dust out and we know very well that children enjoy playing all around and the dust can affect their health,” said Kganyago. Hlatlaganya Drop-in Centre manager, Emmah Mamabolo, said moments like these made them feel happy and emotional.

“With the donations from the Capricorn District Municipality, our life has changed a lot and we hope that with their hard work towards the children, they can build a good future for the children. The centre has been running for several years and this is due to the passion we have in working with children.

We really appreciate the support we receive from our leaders, without their support, we are nothing,” said Mamabolo. “As we know that Mandela used to love and care for children, we will continue with his spirit and ensure the children are always clean and healthy.” Kganyago and the municipal officials then proceeded to Ga-Thoka,  where they visited the Mokgama family, whose house was guttered by a fire in May, and donated school uniform, food parcels and mattresses. Mahlatse Mokgama said they would never forget how they were left left homeless and stranded after the fire guttered their three roomed house.


“It took us a long time to put the fire out and everything burned down, including our clothes and furniture. “The municipality has changed our lives. We thank the municipality for their donation and we hope to live a good life like before,” said Mokgama.


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