CDM receives Clean Audit, again

Capricorn District Municipality has once again managed to achieve clean audit opinion for the 2019/20 financial year from the Auditor-General.

The Report was presented by AG on 20 April 2021 during special council meeting. Executive Mayor John Mpe said the clean audit confirms that CDM has got revered financial management and governance system in the province and among the best in the country. “It also confirms that we have once again managed to ensure that every cent that was spent from the budget was fully accounted for, with no a single transaction of irregular or wasteful expenditure”, he said.

He said all the four areas which audited which are the Annual Financial Statements, Audit of Performance Objectives, Compliance and Internal Controls, there were no materials findings. The audit was conducted based on the international auditing standards.

CDM progressed impressively in the past 4 financial years in its audit performance by moving from unqualified audit in 2015/16 with 18 findings to another unqualified audit in 2016/17 with 8 findings to 1 material finding in 2017/18. This was followed by clean audit in 2018/19 and retained it now in 2019/20.

When briefing the media after Council meeting, Mpe said CDM indeed continues to live up to its vision as the Home of Excellence on which other district and local municipalities can benchmark. “But credit goes to all employees for keeping us at the top by living up to our mission ‘to deliver in an efficient manner through competent people’, and we hope that this will go a long way in inspiring other municipalities to do better and improve governance”, Mpe said, adding that this is an achievement “we share with local municipalities because water sales transactions that are audited happen at local municipalities”.

Opposition parties in Council joined in congratulating staff and the Audit Committee as well as the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) for the hardwork and keeping CDM in check to do well in matters of governance and delivery and today thank them for their contribution to this achievement.

The Audit Report is now with MPAC for oversight and inclusion in the 2019/20 annual report, which will soon be taken to public hearings.

“We intend to retain this clean audit forever and to never drop the standard”, Mpe concluded.


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