CDM host an agricultural information sharing event at Senwabarwana

Capricorn District Municipality together with the Limpopo Department of Agriculture hosted an agricultural information sharing session at Senwabarwana on 06 March 2019. The event involved over twenty small scale farmers from around the Blouberg area. This follows another session which was hosted by the two institutions in February 2018.

Most small scale farmers want to participate as fully fledged commercial farmers and access a big market but lack information, on available access to markets and support from government and the private sector. CDM wants to unlock this potential by targeting small scale farmers that are currently productive and link them by providing them with information on access to markets and financial and non-financial support by government departments and the private sector.

Though this programme comes with its own challenges like farmers not having transport to take their produce to the markets and also farmers not having transport to attend meetings with markets, last year’s information sharing managed to link over twenty farmers with markets like Goseame, RSA, Boxer, Spar and others. This yielded a profit of over R1 million from the sale of their produce.

The information sharing session was attended by institutions such as Standard Bank, Land Bank, Goseame, RSA, NTK, Nulandis, Wdseedlings, SEDA, NYDA, and LEDA.

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