CDM has signed the agreement with Waterberg JV Resources Pty Ltd on Strategic Partnership towards Water Projects.

South Africa – Limpopo-Polokwane: CDM has signed the agreement with Waterberg JV Resources Pty Ltd on Strategic Partnership towards Water Projects.

Capricorn district municipality is mandated by the National Water Act and Water Services Act to identify, use reliable water sources and ensure equitable provision and supply of bulk and portable water to households for drinking and for industrial usage to mining and agriculture.

This is because water is central to economic development and the sustenance of human life. Insufficient water supply poses a threat to economic development activities and investment.

It is important to note that agricultural sector takes about 70% of our water usage while other economic sectors such as mining share the remaining 30% with households for domestic use. To achieve our 2040 Vision in basic services, we need to reverse these water supply imbalances and ensure equitable provision of water to households, mining and agriculture.

As the water services authority, we are always open and looking for partnerships with institutions that are like-minded; that share the same vision as ours – in order to double our efforts and expertise in addressing backlogs of water supply especially in rural areas.

We are therefore pleased that Waterberg JV Resources Pty Ltd has strategically partnered us in harvesting water not only for the benefit of their mining operations, but also the local community in Lewaneng; Goedetrouw (Kgatlu); Early Dawn; Norma A&B and surrounding settlements in Blouberg Local Municipality.

The Municipality and the Mine will work together in this venture in line with the responsibilities as they will be read out to you today by both Waterberg JV Resources Pty Ltd and the Municipal Manager. The Mine will also establish technical committee and specialists will be appointed to conduct groundwater and surface water testing, conduct feasibility studies, drill boreholes, prepare technical designs – among other works.

This agreement, that we are signing today, will run for 5 years and it is anticipated that the outcome of studies and tests to be run will yield other opportunities that may strengthen this partnership even further than anticipated now.

Like any other capital project, we will work closely with our communities, traditional authorities in those areas and other interested parties will be involved to support this partnership. We are confident that this partnership will result into a project that will go a long way in improving the lives of our people. It is our wish to reach as many households as possible and improve the overall household access to potable water. With limited funds and competing service delivery priorities, we may take a while to clear all the backlogs. However, with partnerships such as this, we can do more to change the lives of many.

We therefore commend Waterberg JV Resources Pty Ltd for coming on board on this strategic partnership to complement our efforts to improve household access to potable water.

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