CDM and Blouberg embark on Covid-19 Awareness Campaign

Capricorn District Municipality together with Blouberg Municipality embarked on a campaign to raise awareness about Covid -19 and the fact that the pandemic still exist and people should continue observing all protocols regarding the disease. The awareness campaig was held on 25 Spetember 2019.  

Councillors and officials went around the mall in Senwabarwana distributing Covid-19 leaflets. As part of Heritage month the officials and councillors visited Makgoshi in Blouberg to show respect to the traditional authorities as part of Heritage Month celebration. 

They also used the opportunity to continue to create awareness about Covid-19. Although the country has moved to Level 1, the people are still encouraged to continue to observe the Covid-19 Protocols.

The Covid-19 Message was very clear. Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do things drastically, we need to change our behaviour and adapt to the new normal. It is on this note that we call upon all our community members to adhere to the following:

1.   Wash hands frequently with soaps and /or sanitise

2.   Avoid touching your mouth and eyes

3.   Stop shaking hands and hugging

4.   Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing

5.   Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas

6.   Practice social distancing

7.   Do not gather in groups

8.   Wear a mask in public settings

9.   Talk to a health professional if you are not feeling well

10.                Stay at home and Stay safe

11.                Self-quarantine 

For more information on Coronavirus contact WhatsApp support line on 0600123 456 or call emergency number 0800 029 999

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