Be warned of fraudsters using CDM name to scam suppliers

CDM would like to alert businesses and individuals about a scam doing the rounds of con artists who are using the CDM name to defraud unsuspecting victims. They use falsely signed ‘letter of appointment’ under a fake stamp, that is purported to be a contract for supply and delivery of materials, which sets out date of appointment, contract amount and other false details.

The motive of this scheme is unclear and CDM is investigating the source of this fraudulent activity in view of instituting criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. We therefore advise any service provider or supplier to verify and report any suspicious correspondence to avoid being prejudiced in any manner. Also, individual businesses are advised to stay vigilant and not be swayed by any ‘appointment’ contract they did not tender or submit quotations for.

Job seekers should also be wary of scammers that falsely advertise employment that needs application or placement fees in the name of CDM. The municipality will never require applicants to pay any placement fee and will always use credible media mix to advertise vacancies.

You can report any suspicion of fraud to our anti-fraud hotline 0800 20 50 53.

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