2nd IDP Rep Forum a progressive planning platform

Capricorn District Municipality hosted an Integrated Development Plan Representative Forum at Bolivia Lodge on 06 March 2018. The aim of the consultation is to interact with different stakeholders regarding the 2017/2018 Mid-Year Report and the 2018/2019 Draft IDP/ Budget for the municipality.

The 2nd IDP Rep Forum was held in accordance with section 41 (e)(i) and (i) of the Municipal Systems Act. The consultation has also been done to promote good governance, full public participation from communities and good financial viability and management in the municipality. In welcoming the stakeholders Chief Whip Cllr Calvin Masoga also outlined the purpose of the session. “This is a vital session that afford us an opportunity to engage with our communities. We are able to shape our own ideas with you specifically to ensure that we (the district and its communities), sing from the same hymnbook”, said the Chief Whip.

“We request for your full participation in this session, moreover ensure your ideas are well captured as part of inputs and comments for the IDP/Budget to be adopted later in the year” emphasised Chief Whip. The Municipal Manager Nokuthula Mazibuko gave a presentation on the 2017/2018 Mid-Year Assessment Report. The presentation focused on the overall performance of the district municipality as at mid-year as per the targets set out in the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP).

The Executive Mayor Cllr John Mpe presented the 2018/2019 Draft IDP/ Budget. The presentation was done in line with 6 Key Performance Areas of local government (municipality) namely; Spatial Planning and Rationale, Basic Services and Infrastructure, Local Economic Development, Municipal Transformation and Institutional Development, Good Governance & Public Participation and Financial Viability etc. We have identified challenges and intervention plans in this regard. Our strategies and projects are developmentally orientated.   

After presentation stakeholders made inputs and comments of which were noted as part of the issues to find expression in the 2018/2019 Draft IDP/Budget. Issues, comments and inputs made by the stakeholders included:

1.      Monitoring of EPWP programmes

2.      Poor implementation of infrastructure projects and the use and transfer of local skills in the process

3.      Training of volunteers for scholar patrol

4.      The construction of a mall

5.      Registration on municipal database

6.      Capacity building

7.      Workshops provision for traditional leaders on spatial planning  

8.      Operations and maintenance of sewerage systems

9.      Schools that remain as “White elephants” due to migration of learners to other well performing schools. structures utilised for criminal activities

10.   Mayoral social responsibility   

11.   The need for internet and Wi-Fi access in libraries

12.   Installation of road signage leading to traditional authority offices and other villages

The 2nd IDP Rep Forum was also attended by representatives from sector departments and parastatals, traditional leaders, Members of the Mayoral Council (MMC), executive managers and officials from other local municipalities.

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