Executive Mayor hands over water projects sites in Blouberg

“We take issues of service delivery seriously, that’s why we are here in Blouberg Municipality today to handover sites for new water projects and also to introduce contractors to the community” said Executive Mayor of CDM Cllr Mamedupi Teffo at Makgato on 14 December 2021.
CDM has appointed contractors to continue with the implementation of water projects in Blouberg Municipality in the following villages Makgato in Kroomhoek, Pax, Brana, Avon and Manaka.
The implementation will start in 2022 for a period of 6 months to benefit all households in those villages.
“These projects differ from one another. Some are completion and installation of 2,000kℓ/day package plant and potable water transfer pumps. Also the installation of steel tanks and fencing of the area in other villages”, Executive Mayor explained
In Brana village, the municipality will be constructing a 0,5Mℓ day Water Purification Plant – Package plant (WPP) and Evaporation ponds. This project will also be electrified to boost the package plant. While in Kroomhoek the focus will be on reticulating network of 75mm, 90mm, 110mm uPVC medium pressure pipes.
At Pax Intrantibus Village, the contractor will be installating 500kℓ/day potable water purification plant for Pax. “We will also install a new pressure pump system to ensure that the whole village gets water.
At Manaka village we will also be installing 500kℓ/day potable water purification plant and also constructing water system with a total length of approximately 200m of uPVC pipelines of Ø110mm and ancillaries for Manaka village.
“All these purification package plants will be fenced to avoid vandalism and other damages” MMC for SEMS Cllr Mahlatji emphasized.
The municipality is introducing these projects and contractors to the community to have their support and co-operation for the smooth running of the projects.

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