CDM has called on the community to continue to work together with the municipality in fighting and reducing disasters

CDM has called on the community to continue to work together with the municipality in fighting and reducing disasters within their communities. Member of Mayoral Committee for Community Services Cllr Betty Kgare advised communities on how they can take part in reducing disaster risks in their areas. Cllr Kgare was speaking during an event to commemorate the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) at Mashashane today.

The aim for the event was to create an awareness on how the community can reduce disaster risks.  Presentations were made  about natural and man made disasters and how they can be avoided or reduced, how they should protect themselves against  corona virus. And an emphasis was made on the fact that the pandemic (Covid-19) is still there and the community should continue practising the World Health Organisation protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

The IDDR build-up activities were also held simultenously in Molemole and Blouberg Local Municipalities at Mogwadi and Alldays led by MMC Kgare and MMC Kgatla respectively on 09 October 2020.

“We have two types of disaster, natural disaster and man made disaster. Our biggest concern is man made which in most cases it can be avoided.” With Corona virus it’s even worse because it’s transmitted from workplaces to home. ” said Disaster Officer Mashamaite.

” In municipal health our main mandate is prevention. To us prevention is better than cure. We now have Covid-19, in this case, we work on controlling and monitoring measures because it can’t be prevented. The source of spread on this disease is the movement of people and negligence. Personal hygiene is the most important thing that can help us to fight Covid-19″, said EHP Mmagafane Moreroa.

“At this level, Covid-19 is more dangerous as people are now more relaxed and don’t want to follow the social distancing rule and wearing of masks. As parents, employees and leaders we need to lead by example, it’s our roles and responsibilities to speak out. For us to win this battle we must all play our part and be responsible”,said Sister Seanego from Mogwadi Clinic.

The campaign proceeded to Mogwadi and Alldays Town wherein people were given information brochures and sinitisers and where reminded of the importance of continuing to follow the Covi-19 Protocols.

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