Capricorn District Municipality held a successful 2023 Women’s Dialogue at Inveraan Village under Blouberg Local Municipality on 10 August 2023. The dialogue was composed of women from across the district as per political parties’ representation in CDM’s council. The dialogue provided an opportunity for women participants to present through discussions on challenges facing women within the district.
CDM Acting Executive Mayor Cllr. Monica Mohale (MMC for Infrastructure) said, “The municipality is here to listen to women of the district. The 2022 women’s dialogue has amongst others raised concerns about the lack of support for agricultural projects which provide food security. We are therefore pleased to report that the municipality is in a process to amongst other things conclude a partnership with LEDA to incubate 15 SMMEs across all sectors of our local economy, which includes agriculture. This includes partnership and information sessions to link farmers to markets and ensure that female small-scale farmers make a profit,” said Cllr. Mohale.
Topics discussed were; Water is a vital component for sustainable small-scale farming. The impact of water shortage on small-scale farming. Majority of women in the district are unemployed with no access to financial support for small businesses particularly unregistered businesses. Women, girl child and women with disabilities remain the victims of Gender Based Violence even though there are legislation and campaigns.
Giving a way forward after all the topics were discussed the Acting Executive Mayor Cllr. Monica Mohale said that she hope every woman who attended the dialogue has learnt something from this. Cllr Mohale has indicated that the municipality has noted all concerns and issues raised, and will look into them. She also said that there’s a need to do more on the support that the municipality give to women.

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