The finals of district football championship

Football is the most famous sport and major interest of many people. It is indeed highly pleasing as the district municipality to have our finals being played in Aganang in that fashion. This was to celebrate the finals of the district football championship. CDM commended all the teams that played and showed character and determination from the beginning of the tournament.

“Our aim is to turn CDM into a true home of excellence and opportunities for a better for all” this was said by Acting Mayor, Cllr Boloka during the finals in Tebane Stadium in Aganang.

The winning team certainly had bragging rights and will contribute to community pride and nation building. The tournament was one of our flagship programmes in sports as we continue to use sport to build social cohesion and fight crime as well as other social ills – such as substance abuse. CDM had seen the excellent performance of all the teams and many have showed competitive strength and Cllr Blanco Boloka thanked all those teams for their participation.


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