Take a Girl child to Work

It is pertinent to announce that CDM will be hosting  “Take a Boy/Girl Child to Work” day – which this year proudly celebrates 16 years of changing the lives of South Africa’s young women – which will be held nationwide on Thursday, May 24 (tomorrow). CDM will be celebrating with 50 school learners and the event will take place at Council Chamber from 8a.m.

Our visitors “Boy/Girl child” will then visit departments afterwards. Please have time to share with them what we do at work. This is a way of empowering them.

Take a Girl Child to Work Day has become one of the most important, life changing days for schoolgirls/boys around our district. The much-lauded initiative has had a powerful impact on the lives of Boys/Girls, preparing a core of future leaders who will be vibrant contributors to the economy and leading job creators for our country.


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