“We need to channel the budget to service delivery programs. Our main focus should be on Operations and Maintenance of water infrastructure. Our people should get services” said Executive Mayor Cllr Mamedupi Teffo during the special IDP Consultative meeting with Political Management Team and Members of the Mayoral Committee held on 14 April 2022 at CDM Council Chamber.

The session was held as part of the consultative session with all stakeholder whic aimed to try and ensure that the IDP was tightened and budgets were correctly allocated to deal with service delivery challenges experienced in the district.

IDP plans are reviewed annually, to ensure that the necessary alterations can be made according to changing needs, environmental factors, and budget restraints, in order to ensure that the five-year goals can be achieved.

The Executive Mayor and her Mayoral Committee are new Councillors appointed after local government elections in 2021, they have the option of making inputs to the existing IDPs and related policies, continuing with the same plans, or making changes.

“We have a responsibility to ensure responsible usage of limited resources. We need to focus on the essential needs of communities, with consideration of the available resources. We need to have a lot of financial resources be channeled to Water and Sanitation programmes” she added.

She further alluded that the main aim was to reduce financial burdens on the various services, whilst also minimising the environmental impact and ensuring that the community’s needs were met.

“The reviewed IDP will help us focus on the most important needs of our communities taking into account the resources available at local level,”said the Executive Mayor.

The IDP consultative meeting will continue to be held with NGOs and CBOs on the 19th April, followed by Magoshi on the 20th and Business on the 21st.

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