The purpose of this White Paper is to provide a policy framework and a practical implementation strategy for the transformation of public service delivery. This White Paper is primarily about how public services are provided, and specifically about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the way in which services are delivered

The service standards are required to: –

  • Set out the organization’s service standards that citizens and customers/clients can expect and which will serve to explain how the department will meet each of the standards.
  • Specify the main services to be provided to the different types of actual and potential customers, based on an assessment of their needs.
  • Contain the consultation arrangements with actual and potential customers to determine their needs;
  • Specify the mechanisms or strategies to be utilized progressively to remove the barriers so that access to services is increased; with due regard to the customers’ means of access to the services and the existing barriers to increased access,
  • Contain arrangements as to how information about services is to be provided; and
  • Stipulate a system or mechanisms for handling complaints.


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