Quarter Two Report 2022 – 2023


 1.1.1.      Section 52 (d) of the MFMA compels the mayor to submit a report to the Council on the implementation of the budget and the financial state of affairs of the municipality within 30 days of the end of each quarter. The quarterly performance projections captured in the SDBIP form the basis for the mayor’s quarterly report.

1.1.2.      Section 42 of the Municipal Systems Act stipulate that, A municipality, in a manner determined by its Council, must make known both internally and to the general public, the key performance indicators and performance targets set by it for purposes of its performance management system.


1.1.3.      Section 46 of the Municipal Systems Act requires a municipality to prepare, for each financial year, performance report reflecting the performance of the municipality and each external service provider during that financial year.


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