The Executive Mayor of Capricorn District Municipality, Cllr Mamedupi Teffo joined the Ad Hoc Joint Committee meeting on Flood Disaster Relief and Recovery visit to Capricorn District Municipality on 14 November 2023.

The Committee oversight’s visit to CDM was to conduct an assessment regarding progress in terms of government assistance towards flood disaster relief and recovery since the 2022 flood disaster. The committee was to also establish the amount of damage caused by the most recent (2023) flood incidents in the Polokwane, Blouberg, Lepelle-Nkumpi, and Molemole Local Municipalities. The committee embarked on project visit to Blouberg, Polokwane and Molemole Municipality to assess progress on the work being done in identified areas which were affected by the disaster.

When it conducted three oversight visits to Blouberg, Polokwane and Molemole local municipalities to assess the reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged roads, road culverts and the provision of stormwater channels, the committee was encouraged to see flood relief and recovery efforts benefitting the rural communities.

The committee noted the progress made by Blouberg municipality in regravelling eroded roads and rehabilitating culverts and stormwater channels at Sefihlampyana village which relies on that road for access to schools in the area.

The floods that occurred in 2022 and 2023 led to the previously eroded road in the municipality looking like a river that prevented learners and teachers from safely accessing the school. The committee noted the work being done on the project which amounts to R4 million and was informed that the municipality had currently spent 64% of the allocated municipal grant relief amount.

The committee also visited Buite Clinic where work is done on lining a damaged earth channel at the cost of R4.5 million where the project manager informed it that the 2022/23 floods put the clinic at risk of destruction as the lack of lining of the channel allowed the water to destroy the area near the road preventing access to the health care centre.

It also saw the contractor working on site and was informed that the project is at 36.4% expenditure from the allocated amount.

The last site visited by the committee was the rehabilitation of a damaged internal street in Morebeng at Molemole Municipality which received a grant allocation of R4.5 million. Furthermore, the committee was informed that the street will mainly be used to benefit the community to access recreational areas and 64% of the allocated money for the project has been spent to date.

The committee has noted the work done in all the areas and it has commended some projects for using internal municipal resources for implementation and only consulting on design work and specialised skills.

The committee also noted the utilisation of Expanded Public Works Program workers on these projects which offers skills development and work opportunities for the local people living in the affected areas.

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