“Not in our name”, men speak out at dialogue

“Not all men are abusers, there are men who want to be part and act as agent of social change. We want to educate ourselves and also continue to spread the teachings on action against abuse and gender based violence. We need to see necessary change amongst society led by men as custodians on programme of action against gender based violence”, this was said by Mme Joyce Moganedi giving purpose of the men’s dialogue held on 06 November 2018 at Inveraan in Blouberg. Moganedi is the programmes manager for the men as Positive Role Models campaign at the National Department of Social Development.  

These programme of action is as a result of the action that was taken by women during the month of August 2018, when they stood up as said enough is enough, we cannot take it anymore and it was time for them to deliver their message direct to the president of South Africa Mr Cyril Ramaphosa.  It was during these march when the president made a commitment to host a gender summit that will involve all stakeholders to meet with an agenda to find solutions and develop a programme of action that will enable the state to monitor its progress on resolutions that were taken at the summit. The summit was held from 01-02 November 2018.

Men spoke with one voice during the dialogue that it was time for all of them to take action and make their voices heard raising concerns and inputs in order to ensure that the campaign remain a success. They appealed to the department that dialogues should be ongoing efforts wherein at the same time men continue to stand up and say “not in our name”.  Engaging in the dialogue the men were led by Kgoshi Ngoako Malebogo of Bahananwa Traditional Authority.

The dialogue was organised by Blouberg Municipality in partnership with Capricorn District Municipality, Department of Social Development and Government Communications and Information Systems. More dialogues will be held in other local municipalities within the Capricorn District building up to the District International Men’s day to be held later during the month.

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