Capricorn District Municipality continue to spend allocated municipal infrastructure grant for the benefit of communities. This was said by the Executive Mayor of Capricorn District Municipality Cllr John Mpe during the State of the District Address held at Ditlou Sport Ground, Ga-Seakamela in Blouberg Municipality.


The Executive Mayor gave a progress report on commitments made during the previous financial years and also outlined on plans and commitments undertaken by the district municipality for the coming financial year.  

The main highlights of the SODA as outlined during the Executive Mayor’s address were on  water quality and supply, operation and maintenance, sanitation, disaster and fire, social transformation, local economic development, sports arts and culture and 

“CDM is also aware of the demand for clean accessible water to the remaining eleven percent 11% of the citizens, we are also aware of the current backlog of households without good sanitation, and the long road network lying untarred”, said Executive Mayor.

He continued that “The progress made in expanding access to basic services, healthcare, economic opportunities, human settlements, education, job creation, welfare and crime prevention should make all of us hope that the promise of a better life was never in vain”.

“Amongst other challenges, the Capricorn District Municipality has customized the national and provincial frameworks to found its Vision 2040, which articulates yearnings of our citizens. The Vision embodies our concerted efforts to intervene decisively to build on those successes and break the cycle of generational poverty, inequality and underdevelopment”. It denotes a principal platform from which to imagine, transform, remake and build a cohesive and adaptable society. It is a paradigmatic Vision whose characteristic occupation is the remaking of the district to become a liveable and prosperous region” emphasised the Executive Mayor.

“Our local government mandate dictates that we firmly retain the high standards we have set for ourselves so as to continue to be a living testament and illuminating example to other districts on how best we can build a socially inclusive and economically equitable democracy with limited resources and or despite unfavorable environmental challenges”, added the Executive Mayor .

The State of the District Address was attended by Traditional Leaders, Councillors, sector departments and parastatals, media, organised businesses structures, sports fraternity, community members from all local municipalities in the district. SODA was also graced by the presence of Member of Parliament Mme Thoko Didiza. The attendees were treated to an entertainment fiesta.

Cllr John Mpe - The Executive Mayor

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