Municipal Manager led executive management in responding to MPAC

The Municipal Manager of Capricorn District Municipality Ms Nokuthula Mazibuko has been leading the executive management team in providing response to the Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC) on the 2017/2018 Mid-Year Organisational Performance Report. The session took place at the public hearing session held at the CDM Council Chamber on 09 March 2018.

The municipal manager has been responding to questions raised by the MPAC members on the performance status of the municipality at the current financial year. The questions raised were relating to the non-performance on certain targets by departments, non-reflection of budget expenditure on certain programmes, under spending on specific targets and performance on implementation of infrastructure projects.

The municipal managers highlighted the challenges and frustrations experienced by the municipality due to a need to be mSCOA compliant as required by the national treasury. The municipality had to move from SAP system to Phoenix.

“The migration from one system to the other has not been as smooth as expected, we experienced challenges and continuously engaged the service provider to ensure that the systems configuration are being dealt with. The process is ongoing and we assure the committee that we are dealing with it,” said municipal manager.

On steps to be taken to improve performance with regards to priorities and objectives where targets were not met, Municipal Manager indicated that most of the appointments were made in December 2017 and the appointed contractors are on site, continuous monitoring of performance is being done through PMS. There were also adjustment on some programmes which were then moved to third and fourth quarter during the review of the SDBIP. The correct achievements will reflect in the annual report.

The executive management noted the inputs, concerns and comments raised by the committee and promised work around the clock to ensure targets are met as set out in the SDBIP as at year end.

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