MPAC implores council to fix the delivery bottlenecks


Municipal public accounts committee (MPAC) has implored CDM council to address challenges such as substandard work of contractors on projects, delays in the energization of electrification projects, turn-around time to repair water supply breakdowns, among others.


In its oversight report that was tabled to council on Monday 23 March 2015, the committee raised service delivery concerns and challenges that should be surmounted to ensure sustainable service delivery in rural communities. The oversight report is presented to critique the annual report and verify progress and other assertions made in the annual report.The tabling of this oversight report is therefore a final step in the annual reporting process”, said Cllr Malebana Tsoai, the committee chairperson.


In January, council adopted the 2013/14 annual report to open it for public scrutiny and subject it to oversight process of MPAC, on behalf of council. Subsequently, a public hearing was held (on 19 March) as part of consultations to give members of the public an opportunity to examine the annual report and make inputs to its content in order to promote accountability.


The Municipality is required by Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) 56 of 2003 to prepare the annual report of each financial year for the purpose of providing an accurate and honest record of activities, performance in service delivery and budget implementation. It is a backward-looking document that reflects on all aspects of performance in terms of how the IDP and budget were implemented. It includes financial statements and AG’s audit opinion for the financial year 2013/14.


MPAC has the responsibility to make and table its findings on the content of the annual report and make recommendations to council. The committee thus embarked on project visits, outreach meetings and public hearings to gather inputs from stakeholders , compile findings and make recommendations to council. The council adopted both the final annual report and the oversight report.


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