MOTUMO Trading Post, a tourism facility along the N1 North in Botlokwa, will soon get new life as the Municipality is finalizing plans to breathe life into it. This comes after years of engagements with role players to resolve challenges that have, over the years, impeded progress towards rehabilitation of the facility. Key among those challenges were the land claim question, the presence of graves and the issue of security, which are now resolved after the agent who was contracted by the National Department of Tourism for the construction of the facility between 2003 and 2006, reburied the remains at the site and carried the cost thereof.
“The Municipality is now in the final leg of appointing a strategic partner who will evaluate and rehabilitate the facility”, said the Executive Mayor Cllr Mamedupi Teffo during a media briefing on 08 September 2023 held at CDM. She added that a meeting was held with various role players at the facility last week where the following resolutions were taken – that Machaka Traditional Authority is the de facto owner of the land on which the facility was built; that upon the start of rehabilitation, the project must benefit local residents with jobs; that SANRAL and SA Heritage Resource Agency must investigate the whereabouts of three remaining or missing bones; and that a part of the facility be earmarked for a heritage site.
“The Municipality is therefore pleased with the developments; the consensus between all role players and the collective commitment to rebuild the project”, she said.

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