MM message to staff

Municipal Manager, Ms Thuli Mazibuko addressed staff during staff day in Seshego recently where she shared her vision as the head of administration. Her message was:

“The District Municipality has been without the accounting officer for 3 years. During this gap time, it is possible that some not so desirable conduct or tendencies things may have proceeded uncurbed – as whoever that was there had to attend to what mattered the most then. For a long time CDM has operated through a very skeletal management component and I salute all those who were fully there to steer the boat.

I want us to be reminded that as a district municipality – we do not exist for ourselves! – We exist for community out there, for this province and for the country – therefore we need to register our name.  Local government is a highly regulated space we are – kept in meetings in liaison with various stakeholders, in order to attend to matters of compliance. 

Budget is continuously shrinking and needs are continuously increasing (nationally) e.g. free tertiary education, national debt, these have serious implications. We need to be strategic in prioritisation and allocation of time – when it comes to attending to internal matters and doing the actual work (meeting set targets). 

This calls for change of approach. We can’t sit and wait for budget allocations. We know already, they won’t be enough. We need to make time to think out of the box, discover strategic ways of generating revenue in order to support the locals and meet the needs of our communities. We need to discover and test new sources of funding. We need time to explore these. 

This calls us to change the approach and increase focus – we can’t be more about ourselves than about our responsibilities towards communities. Clean audit is at our door-step, however, a strong word of caution on corruption and fraud, i.e. Exodus 20:15 says “though shall not steal” while Proverbs 15:27 says ”he who is greedy for gain troubles his own house, but he who hates bribe, shall live”. I urge all of you colleagues to STOP as I will be very intolerant towards these. 

Our municipality holds a good record on Municipal infrastructure grant expenditure, gender mainstreaming\links, retaining good audit opinion, holding a record credible IDP

Let us add on this list – I need your support, from the sweeper to the executive.

Our municipality has challenges too:

·        We have a huge water services backlogs.

·        We also have noted some backlogs on sanitation services.

·        Unemployment and poverty levels remain our key challenge.

We need to focus our “eyes on the ball” – just like how the former Pirates player, Jerry “legs of thunder” Skosana – used to dribble his opponents in the field of play. His ball control during matches was on another level, whether ululated or booed.  Colleagues, let us focus on work and earn our salaries in a proper way. Let us not steal our salaries. Let us work. 

I would like you to embrace the following declarations from my desk. That:

1. We will recognize and reward performance

2. We will not tolerate mediocrity

3. We will not be close-minded/territorial

4. We will not act unprofessionally (undermining our values)

5. We will not discriminate

6. Encourage and support open and effective communication

7.  We will support teamwork, collaboration and knowledge sharing

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